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[S2] 1891 Canadian Census n.pub.,.

[S3] Ontario Birth Records, Julia Bitton 1882 Birth Certificate LDS-Birth Cert.- #53- 1882 - Reg Cert. 005048,.

[S4] Ontario Death Records, Julia Bitton Death Certificate LDS- 1918 - #014345,. Several errors on this certificate such as name of father and mother are misspelled.

[S5] Beechwood Cemetery Data Sheet n.pub.,.

[S7] Oral History n.pub.,.

[S12] English Death Certificate n.pub.,.

[S15] Scottish Civil Birth Records n.pub.,.

[S27] English Civil Birth Records n.pub.,.

[S43] Ontario Marriage Records, Walter Bitton 1881 Marriage Certificate n.pub., LDS-Marr Cert.-#35-1881-#001-944.

[S44] Ontario Marriage Certificates n.pub.,.

[S45] Anglican Chuch Records n.pub.,.

[S47] Ontario Birth Records, Albert Bitton 1889 Birth Certificate LDS- Birth Cert - #92 - 1889 - 004549,.

[S48] Canadian Military Records n.pub.,.

[S49] Canadian Veterans Affairs n.pub.,.

[S54] Aunt Joans Papers n.pub.,. She has a poster-like broken commemorative thingy that shows this information.

[S55] William Caldwell Marriage Certificate 1875 n.pub.,.

[S56] 1881 English Census CD n.pub.,.

[S57] English Old Parish Records n.pub.,.

[S58] IGI Batch C064514 n.pub.,.

[S59] IGI Batch M064511 n.pub.,.

[S60] Annie Caldwell Birth Certificate - 1876 n.pub.,.

[S61] Alma Kattine - adopted daughter of Annie Caldwell n.pub.,.

[S62] English Marriage Certificates n.pub.,.

[S63] IGI Batch M138533 n.pub.,.

[S64] IGI Batch C132381 n.pub.,.

[S66] John Benjamin Percival Marriage Certificate n.pub.,.

[S67] Sarah Ann Percival Death Certificate n.pub.,. Nee Allen.

[S68] IGI Batch C040809 n.pub.,.

[S69] Lesley Percival Research - Australia n.pub.,.

[S70] IGI Batch C055763 n.pub.,.

[S71] IGI Batch C132401 n.pub.,.

[S78] IGI Film 447865 n.pub., Family History Library 6035516 REGISTER. Source Media Type: Film.

[S80] Scottish Civil Marriage Records n.pub.,.

[S92] Commonwealth Graves Commission n.pub.,.

[S94] 1871 Canadian Census n.pub.,.

[S96] IGI Batch C020693 n.pub.,.

[S98] IGI Batch C020692 n.pub.,.

[S99] IGI Batch M020691 n.pub.,.

[S122] IGI Batch C132301 n.pub.,.

[S123] IGI Batch J138532 n.pub.,.

[S124] IGI Batch M132301 n.pub.,.

[S134] IGI Film 456946 n.pub.,.

[S135] IGI Batch 7024313 n.pub.,.

[S136] IGI Film 447877 n.pub.,.

[S149] IGI Batch M116853 n.pub.,.

[S150] IGI Batch # n.pub.,.

[S154] IGI Record n.pub.,. No source given.

[S155] IGI Film # n.pub.,.

[S156] IGI Batch A537798 n.pub.,.

[S159] Source is the research of Doug Wilkie - e-mail address.


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