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[S19] Old Parish Records - Eastwood Renfrewshire n.pub.,.

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[S26] Bernardo Letter about George A. Wallace n.pub.,. Letter from Agnes Catherine to George saying Grandmother died on 23 March 1886.

[S28] 1891 Scottish Census n.pub.,.

[S29] LDS, IGI Batch M116215 FR660; Serial 1299; Film 1041474,. This is listed as FR4883 m119687 Serial1380 on Film 1041481

[S30] LDS, IGI Batch M119687 FR4883 Serial 1380 Film 1041481,.

[S31] SRO , 1871 Census Avondale #621, Enum. District #3, Lanark LDS Film 0104009,. There appears to be an "H" in the name of Agnes Shearer.

[S32] LDS, IGI Batch C116214 Dates: 1785-1819; Source Call No. 1041474; Printout Call No. 6900334,.

[S33] LDS, IGI Film 447879 Reference Number: 99234,.

[S34] LDS, IGI Film 456992 n.pub.,. This film may contain brothers and sisters.

[S35] SRO, Agnes Shearer Death Certificate 1886 n.pub.,. Shows mother and father's names
Have certified copy from Scotland - 10 pounds.

[S37] SRO, 1881 Scotland Census on CD LDS product ,.

[S38] LDS, IGI Film 456992 n.pub.,. Film detail if from Sealings for dead couples and children - 1943/70 and Heir Indexes 1943/65.

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[S42] Mom n.pub.,.

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[S157] Anne Garven n.pub.,.


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